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Strategic Management Solutions’ Collaboration with Hewlett-Packard

Since its inception in 2002, Strategic Management Solutions has supported Fortune 20 global computer equipment manufacturer Hewlett-Packard on strategies and methods to enhance product design and mitigate supply chain risks across all of its major business lines, with direct financial impacts to date in excess of $100M. By using Strategic Management Solutions consultants to train, support, and extend the company’s internal consulting teams, HP was able to accelerate adoption of these programs, enhance its offering, and establish stronger credibility both internally and externally within the supply chain and procurement communities. Strategic Management Solutions’ consultants developed and led the delivery of over a dozen internal consulting projects at HP.

We highlight here how Strategic Management Solutions consultants have supported HP to develop two of its most strategic internal consulting programs.

Procurement Risk Management: In 2001, HP formed an internal consulting team focused on utilizing quantitative risk management approaches to enhance its performance in the procurement space. For a company that spends over $80 billion per year in direct and indirect procurement, bringing state of the art analytics to bear is vital. Strategic Management Solutions’ consultants were brought on in 2002 to support the development of this internal consulting team, contribute to the development of processes and tools for the program, and deliver a series of consulting pilots across HP. Through Strategic Management Solutions’s involvement, HP greatly accelerated the growth of its “PRM” program and enhanced the credibility and reputation of the program both within HP and in the broader supply chain community. In 2004, the team (including Strategic Management Solutions’s President Chris Fry) was recognized as one of three “supply chain superstars” in Frontline Solutions magazine.

“[Strategic Management Solutions’ consultant] has made outstanding contributions to HP and to my team. His leadership with clients has furthered the adoption of Procurement Risk Management within HP, has enhanced my team’s reputation within the supply chain community, and is enabling HP to achieve over $40M of value through improved procurement and supply chain management practices. His sharp business mind, deep consulting experience, and strong analytical skills have significantly advanced our understanding of how to apply and diffuse risk management approaches in HP’s complex business environment. I look forward to continued collaboration in the future.”

- Director, Procurement Risk Management / Procurement Improvement Initiative, Hewlett-Packard

Design for Supply Chain: In 2003, HP formalized its Design for Supply Chain program after several informal initiatives in the area took place. Strategic Management Solutions was hired in 2004 to support this program through custom consulting engagements, development of reusable consulting tools, and training of internal consulting staff. Through this collaboration, Strategic Management Solutions has helped HP’s Design for Supply Chain program to develop several proprietary consulting tools and frameworks, such as a product line complexity management process and an opportunity assessment framework. Pilots of these approaches, led by Strategic Management Solutions, have already positioned HP to capture hundreds of millions of dollars of supply chain cost savings and new revenue generation opportunities.

"Strategic Management Solutions has consistently exceeded my expectations. Their leadership, analytics, and expert consulting has been a key enabler of HP's Product Design for Supply Chain (DfSC) and Strategic Planning and Modeling (SPaM) programs - creating hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for HP since 2004. From advising on pricing frameworks, to co-development of new techniques in complexity management, to repeatable opportunity assessments for product lines, to designing and delivering educational solutions to train our people, Strategic Management Solutions consistently delivers. I recommend them highly to managers seeking excellence in business analytics and management science, and expect you'll find their technical expertise as well as project management exceptional."

- Worldwide Design for Supply Chain Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard

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